Monday, August 9, 2010

Taiwanese Friends

Yesterday we visited an international church which is very close to our home. The people were extremely friendly. Two ladies gave me their e-mail addresses and telephone numbers so that I can contact them with any questions. And from the "It's a Small World" file: we met a couple whose home in the States is just down the road from my parents! Crazy!

Also yesterday, Leo, Gloria and Jason were our first guests. Actually, before they were OUR guests, we were THEIR guests for a driving tour up Yang Ming Shan. (I want to say "Yang Ming Shan mountain", but I learned yesterday that "Shan" means mountain, so that would be redundant.) We basically had an overview of the many different places to hike as, for several reasons, we weren't hiking yesterday. But most definitely our family will go back "up the mountain" because the scenery is amazing.

We drove past a very large field of flowers and Gloria tried to think what they were called in English. I wasn't looking too closely at the flowers and guessed she meant Cauliflower. Later, on the way back down, Leo happened to stop right near the flowers so that I looked closely. I almost screamed out "HYDRANGEAS!!!!!" when I realized that's what they were. A whole, entire, huge field of Hydrangeas! You had better believe we will be going back there! Also, in the spring there are vast fields of Calla Lilies. Wow. I cannot wait!

We took a couple of photos just before they left last night.

They will all be going to the States in 2 days, and we will be dog-sitting for them. "Kirby" is their adorable little dog. He is 10 years old, but full of pep. We have promised the kids a puppy of their own here, but for now taking care of someone else's will do.

I continue to be so amazed at this house that God has blessed us with. There are bugs and lizards (and maybe snakes, although I am praying God will keep those away) but I cannot think of enough adjectives for the view, I am thrilled to have my own pool, and the house itself it quite wonderful.

This week we begin "normal life" in Taiwan. Today Eric went back to work and on Thursday the kids will begin school. I will have to learn how to get around on my own. Mainly I must figure out the bus because I am fully familiar with the subway, once I figure out how to get to it. And I am fairly good with cabs, although in the apartment I had a preprinted card to show taxi drivers which told, in Chinese, where I lived. I need to get something similar made now for my home, so that I can get home from wherever.


Anonymous said...

Can you use your pool year round?

bristowmom said...

The realtor said we could use it April to October. It is not heated, so I suppose it will depend on the weather and our fortitude!

Elizabethd said...

It sounds as though you are finding friends, seeing new places, and really settling in. Wonderful!

pro356mom said...

It is so wonderful to see a picture of you and Gloria together! Please give her a hug for me. It's also great to see a picture of her family, for whom we've been praying. I miss my BSF friends!

R said...

You have a dog, and you didn't even have to go out and get one! Ha ha!

This week will be good for you, as you can settle down and rest your mind. Yeah for the kids going into school! I bet they are excited.