Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Day of School

At long last, another first day of school. For all of my readiness for the kids to leave me in a peaceful house, I must say I am a bit nervous about this day. It is not like the first day at a known school. (Not that either of my kids have ever known that feeling. Every year has been something different.) Always before I have accompanied them to school on the first day. Actually, I believe Eric and I have BOTH accompanied them on every first day. But today I just put them on the bus and said good-bye. They looked scared. It didn't help that when the bus stopped the monitor shook her head no. I said "Yes!" She said "TAS?" I said "Yes!" She let them on, then pulled out her list - a list with pictures of each student that should be getting on. My kids were not on the list! So I guess there will be some phone calls to the school today to figure out what we have done wrong.

I took some pictures before we left for the bus (OF COURSE!) We took them in the yard with tropical plants so that they would remember years from now that they were in Taiwan on this particular first day of school.

I did also manage one picture at the bus stop, although between a dog with a leash I cannot figure out (so that he keeps slipping out of it!) and the nerves of everything, this is all I got.

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Elizabethd said...

First day nerves...always hard. I hope it gets better and the transport gets sorted out.