Monday, August 23, 2010

Close to Home

it is hard being limited to 5 photos per post! But better than my old system of blogging so I'll try not to complain.

Yesterday Eric and I walked down the road next to our house. It is extremely steep, so an easy walk down but quite a workout coming back up!

Taiwan, at least the part of it that I live in, seems to be primarily jungle. I think the government must continually battle back the vines and things that grow very quickly and threaten to take over everything.

There are many plants growing "wild" here that we had as houseplants in America. Here, what we called Wandering Jew and English Ivy.

There is also a lot of Philadendran (not sure how to spell that!), but that picture didn't make the cut.

This gate leads into a private residence. I love this gate.

My pictures ricochet back and forth between plants and structures. Sorry. This next picture shows again the way plants overtake everything here. The roots of a tree are growing down the side of a wall. I've seen this other places with HUGE root systems overtaking very large walls.

The building in the distance is the residence of the Ambassador of an important nation. I don't think I'll name the country. There are security cameras everywhere and lots of guards so I'm afraid they might not like me giving out any identifying details. And of course they are reading my blog so they would know if I named them. (Ha! Not likely!) The Ambassador's compound is 2 doors down from our house!

And finally, I cannot walk 10 feet without photographing flowers. Thankfully, I never have to! These lovely flowers are growing on the outer wall of our yard. Not to complain, but I would be even HAPPIER if they were growing INSIDE the wall.

Now you've had a peak around my neighborhood!

I had a great day today and took some more great pictures. I'll try to post them tomorrow.


Elizabethd said...

It is fascinating to see your photos...all very different from our little towns.

bristowmom said...

Elizabeth, I'm starting to think all large cities look quite similar. It is in the smaller towns that you really know you're in a different country, I love the pictures you post of your area!

Mindi said...

I love, love, love your blog and photos. When we went to Mexico to visit the ruins, we could easily see how entire cites were taken over by the jungle. Are you ever afraid that life will be dull and listless when you return to the States?

bristowmom said...

Mindi, Surprisingly I have already sort of thought about that. (we just got here, so I shouldn't be thinking about returning yet!). I wouldn't mind not returning to the States, but instead experiencing other countries. Something with fewer bugs would be nice! But who knows, in 2 years maybe I'll be tired of adventure and ready for some boredom!