Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Going postal

A little bit of humor...

I was in the post office yesterday and there was a postal clerk there who's name was, no lie, "Bellestic". Think about it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gypsies, tramps and thieves

This month the kids started taking ice skating lessons. They LOVE it, which makes me happy. So recently we have spent our Saturdays at the ice rink getting in extra practice time. I put on my skates and go out with them. They think I can skate. The truth is, I skated as a kid but I'm a little old now and I just desperately hope not to fall.

Their first lesson was "how to fall". Ethan practices that a lot! He so loves being on the ice that he is all smiles most of the time - a very rare thing for our melancholy boy! He even smiles when he falls; well, most of the time. Every now and then he falls hard and gets upset for a bit, but overall he is just loving it. For Ethan it seems to be all about how fast he can go. They have to hop and dip and "make footballs" with their feet. He does those things fairly well, but mostly he just wants to motor across the rink as fast as he can. That seems normal to me, given that he's a boy.

Meanwhile, for Anna it's all about gliding. She enjoyed the first lesson but was a bit frustrated because she was specifically told NOT to glide. They were supposed to stomp their feet and fall correctly. Thankfully the second lesson allowed her to glide. I think I know how she feels. There is something about gliding that feels magical.

So at the moment it is Saturday, but they have gone to the rink without me. I needed a break from the constant talk. We (the kids and I) have been sick for about 2 weeks. Because of that I have slept in as much as possible. The result of sleeping in is the second I get out of bed Anna starts talking. She doesn't stop until she falls asleep. I love her but !!!!!!!!!! I need some peace!

Ethan has worn holes in all of his socks and most of his pant legs. Literally he had no socks left so yesterday we went to Target to buy some new socks. We came home with this:

Anna first spotted the suit jacket. I thought it would take some convincing to get Ethan to try it on. (Silly me. This is the boy who loves bow ties!) He put it on and immediately wanted it. He did NOT want a sport jacket. They came in navy and black but NO, he wanted the gray pinstriped suit! And he wanted it BAD! I have to confess it did not take one bit of convincing. I about melted when I saw him in this. SOOOOO cute! For the record, next to the suits there were several ties and even a bow tie being sold. Maybe my bowtie-wearing-boy is setting the fashion trend! Anna picked up the bow tie. It was cute but I said no - Ethan already owns 4 ties and 3 bow ties so we did not need any more. He did however need new shoes. His Sketchers just weren't going to look right with a fancy suit. You should have seen his enthusiasm over getting dress black shoes! The whole thing is just too funny to me. I LOVE that he likes to dress like this. I think he is just so handsome all dressed up. But I honestly cannot figure out WHY he loves this or where it comes from.
Anna's outfit is new too, although it is not from Target. These are from the Amoretti line that I wrote about a little while ago. They arrived yesterday. Anna is, as expected, enthralled with the skirt. Absolutely, totally loves everything about it. It is her favorite color and it TWIRLS. She still loves dresses that twirl. I love that about her. I bought her another dress too but it will be unveiled around Easter. It will look very nice next to her brother's suit.
I leave you with a picture of us at the ice rink. I am going to go enjoy the quiet house!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Do you think I make this stuff up? I took this image off the Fox News website just a moment ago.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Being Beholden

I know that I am not a rocket scientist or a Rhodes Scholar or a brain surgeon. I am not a politician nor an economist. Simply, I realize there are a whole lot of people who are a great deal more knowledgeable than me. Nevertheless, I have always believed that common sense is often more valuable than knowledge. On that basis I put forth this opinion. I am copying something that I said to a relative in a recent e-mail:

What I think is the worst of all this is - the government is planning on creating jobs. So how will they pay the wages? And how will they pay for all the other things they are now planning for? (Trillions of dollars worth.) They will have to borrow the money from somewhere, someone, some country. Probably more than one country. As a young adult I never wanted to borrow money from my parents because I knew it would come with strings attached - if I wasn't responsible enough to pay my bills and asked them to help, then it gave them the right to tell me how to do things. It will be the same with borrowing from other countries - our need for their money will give them the right to tell us how to do things differently. I have no doubt that day is coming, though I do not know when or from what country. Be prepared! Life is going to change for everyone in this country.

Five minutes ago I watched an economist on Fox News discussing something that just came out from the leader of China. (The Premier?) They are heavily invested in our Treasury Market, meaning they are lending us the money for all of the glorious Obama programs. Turns out they are beginning to seek input into our domestic policy because they are worried about their investments. I am absolutely certain this is just the beginning. They, by their investment in our country, have earned the right to begin dictating how we do things.

No, I am not an economist, but I do not believe I am stupid. This is just a matter of common sense in my opinion, and I saw it coming.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

...This just in...

...or out, as the case may be!

Ethan just lost his first tooth!

I suppose you don't see what the big deal is, so I'll explain. These events are just happening too rapidly for me!

I returned from Mexico exactly 1 week ago, at which time I was informed that he had his first loose tooth. I almost didn't believe it because he is JUST 5-1/2 and I didn't expect this until AFTER he turned 6. The next day he told me he has 2 loose teeth. This morning I found that a new adult tooth had already broken through behind the baby teeth. And now, just a few minutes ago, he pulled it out! What???

First of all I think Anna was a bit older when she discovered her first loose tooth. Then it remained in that state for weeks. I know because Eric was in Singapore at the time of the discovery and I was panicking - I am the most squeamish person on the planet and I am grossed out by loose teeth - what was I going to do if I had to deal with it actually coming out?!!! Well, Dad made it back with her tooth still intact. The big day arrived, but it wasn't just a matter of the tooth falling or being pulled out. Oh no! Anna held a tissue in her mouth over said tooth for 5 hours! (She appears to take after her mother in the squeamish department.) Once Dad came home from work he finessed it out of her mouth.

So along comes Ethan... One, two, three... all done! I'm still in shock.

I guess there really IS a difference between boys and girls.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just thought I would say "hi". I survived the trip! Whenever I was tempted to be afraid on the flights I would remember the words God gave me and say "God, you assured me I would go home safely and I choose to believe you." It was great! I think I will be a bit more specific about His words, in case you didn't look up my scripture reference. Here is the exact part that I claimed:

"But it is more necessary for you that I remain in the body. Convinced of this, I know that I will remain, and I will continue with all of you for your progress and joy in the faith, so that through my being with you again your boasting in Christ Jesus will abound on account of me." Philippians 1:24-26

I am so amazed by this passage. Not only was it direct confirmation to me that I was going to remain alive for the sake of my kids, but it also tells me that I am going to be able to help them grow in their faith to the point that they will "boast in Christ Jesus". I think my kids will boldly tell others about Jesus - I really do!

Prior to the birth of Ethan I was hospitalized for about 6 weeks. A dear friend of mine was telling someone else she knows about my predicament as well as the traumatic circumstances that had surrounded the birth of Anna. That person told my friend something like "God must have great plans for her seed because Satan is trying so hard to prevent them from being born." I trust that is true. Anna is already an outspoken little evangelist. Last summer she had the neighborhood kids praying together out in the empty lot! And yesterday she was sharing my latest copy of "Voice of the Martyrs" with the neighbor boys and telling them "This is what happens to Christians!" I chalk her boldness up to childish naivete, but I pray that she will never lose it!

Love in Christ,