Friday, February 27, 2015

Catching up, again

I cannot seem to write consistently.   I think often of things to write,  but never transfer the thoughts to keystrokes.   So here is the abbreviated version of recent events:

We've officially moved into a house which we are buying rather than renting.  Prior to moving in the interior was painted top to bottom,  literally.   We also replaced or relocated nearly every light fixture,  replaced carpet and had the furnace and ductwork cleaned.   The house was not well cared for, so these were the minimum requirements for moving in.   There is a long list of projects which will need to be undertaken over time.

Of course there was a trip to Italy from which I should be sharing pictures. The trip was brought on by the fact that my husband was recently promoted to a position which has him managing people in many countries,  one of them being Italy.   The new position means he's working more than ever, sigh.

Homeschooling is not going as well as hoped.  I simply don't have time to teach.  Thankfully my son is disciplined enough to do his work without me, but it's not an ideal situation.   He will go back to public school next year.

Complicating everything, on Monday we learned my Dad has cancer.  I'm not sure what that will mean going forward.  Surgery is scheduled next week and some time after that we will learn the full prognosis.  

So I guess life never slows down!