Thursday, July 28, 2011

Horsin' Around

I am not a horsey person, but while visiting my brother-in-law's house I had to take pictures of his horses. The setting is SOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful, (I've posted pictures of my sister-in-law's garden here before) the lighting seemed perfect and the horses running in the pasture looked like pictures I've seen on calendars so I had to take some pictures. I thought the pictures were great but was sad to see they are somewhat blurry. Less than picture perfect. Oh well...

Here, for those of you who love horses (I know there is at least ONE of you!) are some horsey pictures. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Multnomah Falls

When you drive from Boise, Idaho to Cannon Beach, Oregon you pass by Multnomah Falls. In the past that's what I've always done - passed by. I don't know why I never stopped. But this time I decided I wanted to stop, and so we did.

As you approach from a distance you see this one, high waterfall.
As you get closer you see that there are actually two waterfalls.
You can walk 5 minutes to the bridge between the two falls, which we did. You can also take a longer hike to the very top of the falls. We didn't do that, but if I ever go back I would like to take that hike.

Please excuse the next picture. I just like taking close up pictures of flowers and such. The purpose of this was to show the moss growing on the trees. It is so moist here that all of the trees are covered in moss.
This was taken from the bridge looking back toward the Columbia River. Such a beautiful area.
And this was taken looking straight down from the bridge, at the smaller waterfall.
At the bottom of the first waterfall there is a beautiful pool. This picture does not show the pool too well, but notice the huge boulder. My Dad read that a boulder had somewhat recently fallen from the top cliff into this pool. I am pretty sure this was the one. It was HUGE. Can you imagine being there when that fell? I imagine the sound was thunderous and I would expect the earth shook a bit.

This was a very pleasant side trip; one that I would definitely recommend if you're ever in the area.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Up a Mountain and back

One day while visiting my Dad we went for a drive up a mountain to an area with a beautiful view. My husband introduced me to this spot on our second date, and we returned to it several times over the years. I hoped to spend some time looking at the view and drinking in the quiet sounds of bugs and birds. The view was beautiful but... evidenced by the next picture, it was still cold up on the mountain. It was nearly July and there was still SNOW up there! And it was raining, only lightly, but still...! Between the cold and the rain neither of us felt like lingering. I did whip out my phone and take a video, not for the pictures as much as for the sound. Oh how I love the sounds of silence!

I took some pictures on the way back down which I share for the benefit of any readers who have never been to Idaho. It is high mountain desert - very unlike my current home in Taiwan!

Looking out over the valley where my children were born (called "The Treasure Valley" in Idaho.)

Of course, along the way I found some flowers! There was a large mass of wild roses growing right up next to the road. I had to get out of the car and take close ups. I cannot help myself. And the sound there was wonderful also. The bush was buzzing from the many honeybees who were feasting on it's nectar.

I also took some close up pictures of sagebrush, in case anyone is interested. From a distance they are scrubby, unattractive things but up close I think they are rather pretty. I especially love the color.
Once down the mountain I suggested we stop for a particularly yummy treat.A potato of course! (This is Idaho, after all.) But this is not your ordinary potato. NO! This is an ICE CREAM potato! Yummmm...

It came from The Westside Drive-In which is a wonderful place full of nostalgia and which seems to be representative of Idaho as it used to be.

The Westside Drive-In is somewhat famous. Well, at least they had a moment of fame. They were once featured on "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" and they have this picture to prove it.

I didn't see the show. Ok, I've never watched the show at all. It's on the Food Network after all and I have never been interested in cooking, much less watching shows about cooking. My point is, since I didn't see the show I cannot say with certainty whether Westside was classified as a Diner, a Drive-in or a Dive. But this famous guy was in Boise, Idaho at the Westside Drive-In and, in Idaho, that's pretty big news!

I came home from my trip with close to 500 pictures. Don't worry, I won't post them all! But I will post more as time allows.

We are leaving again this weekend. Going on vacation, from vacation, during summer vacation. My life is tough.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Why do I love Cannon Beach? I'm not sure I know.

Anyone who's been there knows it is home to this famous monolith, Haystack Rock.

As far as weather, it is not my normal cup of tea.

And yet, this resort beckons me back time and again.

Perhaps it is the rugged landscape.

The wildlife is interesting. Seagulls were chasing an invading Puffin.
(Oh there once was a puffin just the shape of a muffin... Anyone know that poem?)

Maybe it is the fact that everyone lets go of their cares when they are on the beach.

It could be the peaceful evenings.

I did thoroughly enjoy the beach bonfires. We cooked hot dogs and smores. When it began to mist the kids and my Dad went inside but I couldn't force myself to leave. As it turned out the mist only lasted a few minutes so I was able to sit out for quite awhile. It was so peaceful.

Of course, part of the reason I love Cannon Beach could be the fact that there are flowers everywhere as you walk about the town.

It could be the houses, so many of which are quaint cottages which would look strange anywhere other than at the beach.

I think it is all this and more. For me, Cannon Beach holds some sort of mystique which I have never experienced anyplace else. My time there definitely calmed my soul.