Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Multnomah Falls

When you drive from Boise, Idaho to Cannon Beach, Oregon you pass by Multnomah Falls. In the past that's what I've always done - passed by. I don't know why I never stopped. But this time I decided I wanted to stop, and so we did.

As you approach from a distance you see this one, high waterfall.
As you get closer you see that there are actually two waterfalls.
You can walk 5 minutes to the bridge between the two falls, which we did. You can also take a longer hike to the very top of the falls. We didn't do that, but if I ever go back I would like to take that hike.

Please excuse the next picture. I just like taking close up pictures of flowers and such. The purpose of this was to show the moss growing on the trees. It is so moist here that all of the trees are covered in moss.
This was taken from the bridge looking back toward the Columbia River. Such a beautiful area.
And this was taken looking straight down from the bridge, at the smaller waterfall.
At the bottom of the first waterfall there is a beautiful pool. This picture does not show the pool too well, but notice the huge boulder. My Dad read that a boulder had somewhat recently fallen from the top cliff into this pool. I am pretty sure this was the one. It was HUGE. Can you imagine being there when that fell? I imagine the sound was thunderous and I would expect the earth shook a bit.

This was a very pleasant side trip; one that I would definitely recommend if you're ever in the area.


Natalie said...

There are marvelous hikes all around this area...and on a hot day (they do happen just not, apparently, this year) great places to go for a swim. :)

Anonymous said...

One of the biggest boulders fell during a wedding at the falls.