Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Little Town

On Facebook I've been promising to blog about my disgusting cleaning job yesterday. However, because I recently blogged about bugs and because I have more pleasant pictures to share, I'm going to skip the disgusting for now.

Last night Eric and I went into what is sort of a little town near us to buy pizza for dinner. (From Pizza Hut. Hooray for some American chains being in Taiwan!). We ordered the pizza then had to wait for them to cook it so we walked around a bit. The town is only about 2 blocks long. I suppose technically it is part of Taipei, as we are, but in reality this is the closest "shopping" for all of us who live "on the mountain" so it feels like a little town.

There is the ubiquitous McDonald's. Often they are 2 stories as this one is.

And there is the equally ubiquitous Starbucks. I am not a fan, to put it mildly, of Starbucks. But due to proximity and familiarity, I am guessing I will learn to tolerate their coffee. Someplace just recently I saw a 2 level Starbucks and the 2nd floor had a balcony you could sit on. I wish that was the case here, because that would make it nice. However, this is just a small, one level place.

Now THIS is a cool store. I suppose it's kind of like the old dime stores in America. This store has EVERYTHING. And it's all in about 300 square feet. There were something like 5 aisles and they were each about as wide as me. They have spray paint, hair dye, batteries, badminton rackets, school supplies, plumbing and electrical supplies, on and on. Just about anything you could think of, it's here. While you're shopping a friendly dog says hi. Then he lays down near the cash register and goes to sleep. Eric and I loved this place.

Finally, just a couple of street shots I took while waiting for Eric to pick up the pizza. Nothing too terribly interesting. It was a beautiful night - breezy and not too hot or too humid, so I was quite content to sit and wait and watch people.

Today we went for a walk right around our house. I'll share those photos next.


jmw said...

I have the music from the Go-Go's "This Town" running in my mind.

bristowmom said...

I should know that, but I can't pull it up in my memory!