Monday, August 30, 2010


It is raining cats and dogs today so I thought I would show it to you. However, today I learned that you must have to do or own something special in order to photograph rain. Since I don't know what you must do or own any special lenses, I tried quite unsuccessfully.

When I looked through the viewfinder it seemed the rain showed up quite well against the awning, but when I looked at the photo it hadn't seemed to capture the rain.

So I thought perhaps it would show more in the distance, beyond the bush. It didn't.

Surely close up, against the patio stones, you would be able to see the massive amounts of rain falling!

But no, it doesn't really show against the patio either.

The best I could do is shoot the corner of the house where the water was pouring off.

Then I went to take a look at the pool. Again my camera and my abilities failed me so I will have to explain. Usually when you look at the pool you see 2 rows of tile around the edge, before the water begins. Today no tiles are visible. The pool is overflowing!

I wonder what happens when we get a typhoon?


Elizabethd said...

Oh, typhoon? I hope you dont have too many of those.
I could see the rain on your patio!

KC said...

Your camera looks like it's set with fast shutter speed, so instead of seeing the rain water streaming, it's freezing in a split second those drops. Try setting the shutter speed lower, if you have a DSLR. Do you have the ability to change shutter speed on your camera?

Also, you have to hold a lot more still, or use a tripod b/c camera shake will make it blurrier.

Just suggestions. :o)
I'm catching up on reading your blog again! I love how often you post and the stories you tell!