Friday, August 13, 2010

And Now for the Inside... (Part 1)

These pictures will require explanations. ALSO - - while I am thrilled to finally have figured out a way to blog WITH photos from my iPad, I am limited to 5 photos per post, so I will do this in parts.

Think of these as the "before" photos from a "before and after" shoot and never mind that I don't have the "after" yet. That will come, eventually. If only I could get someone from HGTV to come to Taiwan - I have a fabulous blank canvas for them to work on!


These chairs do not match the table, I know. I had to order everything in about 30 minutes so give me a break! After ordering, I re-thought the living room layout, so I had one too many tables. Then after moving in I decided the chairs, which were meant for the master bedroom, were needed in our vast, empty living room. This will work for now. It has to.

Likewise the bench was made for the bedroom then recruited for the living room. How lost does it look on that wall?

White, white and more white. Bland for now, but hopefully accessories will jazz it up sufficiently.

The photo below is a detail from the photo above. If you look above the front door you see a grid. The below picture shows what is in the grid. It's not stained glass, just some painted glass which covers lights.

This piece of glass will be the inspiration for my living room color choices. The palette will be mainly black and white with splashes of a grayish blue and an oh-so-pale yellow.

I hope I can pull if off! I really, REALLY wish David Bromstad or Genevieve Gorder from HGTV would show up. I know this room could be beautiful with their help. Since that likely won't happen I guess I'll have to start scouring the internet looking for ideas to copy.


Anonymous said...

It makes me want a bright red rug and/or pillows.

Barbara said...

Just read through all your settling inposts. The house looks nice, clean and fresh and minimalistic.

London - lots of sky scraper buildings in the city but still has it's old charm in the architecture of the old buildings. Google The City of London and you might get some idea.