Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Music

Earlier this month Eric and I were at the Family Christian Bookstore. We have a "membership card" so every time we buy something we have the opportunity to buy another item for $5 from a group of preselected items. I often take advantage of those items. This day one of the items was the new Christmas album by Casting Crowns. Eric wanted to buy it. I did not.

Now, Casting Crowns became my favorite group this year; they have some songs that really ministered to me during tough days, but I was NOT interested in their Christmas album. Some people can do Christmas music and some people just cannot. For instance, I love Randy Travis but I made the BIG mistake of buying his Christmas album a few years ago. Country singers and Christmas songs just do not mix. I'm not sure about Casting Crowns, but sometimes they sound rather "country". So I said "no".

Eric persisted. He loves Casting Crowns too, and he loves to buy a new Christmas album every year. So, fine, we bought the album. I was prepared for it to stink.

A few days later Eric turned on the new music as I headed for the shower. I was so sure I would hate it that I wanted to escape. The music began before I could get to the stairs. Rather than being repulsed, I was immediately drawn in. I fell in love with the first song. It is my new favorite Christmas song. It is really a new rendition of an old hymn, one which I have quoted on this blog in the past.

Take a listen. I hope you love it as much as I do.

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