Monday, May 3, 2010

A Miracle?

Last week at this time my family was preparing to bring my Mom home from the hospital and, honestly, hoping she would live through the night and the journey home. Things seemed hopeless. One of her lungs was filling with fluid and, we were told, was 75% collapsed. The initial event that put her in the hospital was the partial rupture of an aortic aneurysm. We had been told it could heal with time, rest and keeping her blood pressure down, but over the weekend the doctors said the blood pressure medicines weren't working. So we looked at two vexing possibilities and we didn't like the options.

Mom told one of my brothers she wanted to come home, sit in her green chair, put her head back and go to heaven, so she was coming home. She also told one of my brothers that she was a little worried about the fact that four of her kids and 2 of her grandkids were flying in because she was so critical. "What if I don't die?" she wondered. So typical of my Mom - she didn't want to inconvenience anyone!

Well, Mom made the trip home on Monday and the hospice workers swarmed with information and supplies. Neighbors knocked, friends called, family visited. Mom was so tired and weak. But she ate a little, and she walked from the green chair to bed at night. The next day she ate a little more. She said emotional good-byes to 2 sons and 2 granddaughters. She looked peaceful but tired after they left. She continued eating, always a bit more than the day before. And she walked a bit more too. Her voice strengthened, her face brightened. She continues on, tired but improving a bit. Perhaps we are witnessing a miracle.

Tomorrow is my Dad's 80th birthday. I am so happy for him that Mom will be here. The next day I will return to Taiwan. I have no idea what the future will be for my Mom. It seems possible now that she might continue to improve. I don't think she will ever return to the strength she had before the rupture, but I cannot guess how long or how well she will live. I am now hopeful that maybe I will visit her again after returning from Taiwan. I am not counting on it, but I am hopeful.

Mom has had people praying for her around the globe. She has had loads and loads of people praying for her here in Idaho. More than one person from her church has told me "We love your Mom so much and we need her to be here". To those of you who have prayed for my Mom and my family - thank you! Whatever the future holds, these have been precious, memorable times for my family.

I don't expect to write again until I am back in Taiwan. Three trans-pacific flights in 3 weeks! It may take me a bit to settle in again. Or I may be awake in the middle of the night a lot with nothing to do but type new posts.

God is in control, and God is good.


R said...

I shake my head at how crazy your life has been the past three weeks. I wouldn't sleep either!

My actual secret hope is that she lives long enough to see Todd and the family when they visit in July. Todd just sort of completes the family circle, and it would in a way (in my weird mind) tie up your mother's goodbyes in a brilliantly colored bow. I want that for her.

Thanks for holding things down.

Denise said...

Laura, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. It must be so hard for you to be so far away from her and your dad at this time. You and your family are in my toughts and prayers. I wish I could give you a hug. Nise