Monday, May 17, 2010

Taiwan Transportation 101...The Scooter

The main mode of transportation in Taiwan is, I think, the scooter. You see everything on a scooter here. I haven't captured it all on film yet, but I'm working on it.

You see girls in short skirts on scooters:

And guys who probably think they are really cool on hot red scooters:

Scooters weave in front of buses:

They regularly drive between cars.

Lots of families ride scooters. Mom with older child behind and younger child in front:

Dad with Mom behind and child in front:

Mom and Dad with teeny, tiny baby. (I saw this up close, it was LITTLE!)

More families...

Many with dogs! (And is that Starbucks in his bag?)

They also use scooters to haul things. Thus far I only caught the recycling scooter:

(Okay, technically this is a motorcycle.) But I've also seen scooters with bags of groceries. I saw one old lady yesterday with bundles of things she was probably going to sell. She had a bag strapped over the handle bars and a huge, full bag on the floor board in front of her. I wonder if they go to Lowes on those things? Drywall, anyone?

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KC said...

Oh, I have been on such a hiatus from blogging. This was quite funny!