Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Royal News

The news that Prince William is FINALLY going to marry Kate Middleton has me yearning for my Mom.

Until a year or two ago Anna lived and breathed Princess dreams. I loved it and thought it was quaint, but Mom said every girl dreams of being a princess. She told me a bit of how it had been a dream of hers. I do not remember ever dreaming such dreams. I was never interested in princesses. At least, not until Mom woke me at 3:00 a.m. in a motel somewhere in Montana on July 29, 1981 to watch "THE Wedding". From then on I was hooked. I was head over heels in love with all things Princess Diana. I own piles of magazines featuring her, as well as many books. Mom and I talked often about the Royal Family, not just Prince Charles and Princess Diana, but Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, Princess Margaret, Princes Andrew and Edward and their wives and children.

I remember Mom visiting me at my house one day in July or August of 1997. I had a copy of People magazine sitting out. Diana was on the cover (again), pictured with Dodi Fayed. The headline said "Dodi is to Di For". Mom and I discussed sadly the downward spiral the life of Princess Diana seemed to be taking. Very shortly afterward my then-fiance and I went to my parents home for Sunday dinner. When we arrived Mom asked "What do you think about the news?" to which I replied "What news?" Diana had died in the car crash. Mom and I were stunned and saddened. I often think how the People headline was so prescient.

Mom watched the London newspapers online and she would e-mail me stories about the Royal Family from time to time. No longer enamored by their glamour, we discussed their depravity. Nevertheless I am positive Mom would have enjoyed the excitement and presumed glamour of the impending wedding. With Mom I would have been able to engage in discussions of dresses and flowers and venues and guests.

Funny to me that my Mom, such a lover of Jesus, was the person who introduced me to this love of English Royalty. I know it's not important. Mom knew they were not important. But it was nevertheless fun to engage in dreaming of such a life. It was fun to dream aloud with my Mom...


Elizabethd said...

The British TV was so full of it last night, with an excruciatingly awful interview with the couple.
I met Diana many years ago, when she came to open a new wing in the scholl where I was teaching. She was a delight.

bristowmom said...

I am dying of jealousy over the fact that you met her!

Tango Whiskey said...

I always loved Princess Di. I thought she was very classy and always seemed so nice. She really seemed deeply interested in the many people she helped through charitable programs.

Prince Charles seemed the opposite. Never have cared for old horse face!

jmw said...

I can still vaguely remember that day in Montana.