Monday, November 15, 2010

Not Much News

I've been hanging around home the past two days, so nothing exciting to photograph or report. I think I wash my hands about 5 billion times per day. No, I'm not OCD. But I AM allergic to dogs (just a little) so every time I handle them or clean up after them I have to wash my hands. And I clean up after them a LOT. I sometimes regret having gotten Jasper. She was 4 months when we got her and probably spent those 4 months in a cage with no training. She goes OFTEN and wherever she feels like it except, generally, she doesn't feel like it outside. I take the dogs out and Jade knows what she is supposed to do. She gets right to it. Jasper? She sits and eat leaves or licks my feet. We can stay out quite a long time and - nothing. Then we come in and TA DA! She goes on the floor!

If anyone has any pointers on training her I would be happy to hear them.


Elizabethd said... training classes? Do they have those there?

SprinklerBandit said...

Cheddar cheese. That's what worked for me.

Basically, find a reward that the dog LOVES. Whether that's a toy or a food treat or something else is not important.

Then, scold the dog firmly (no cutesy stuff) for going instead and make a HUGE deal about it going outside, including the beloved reward. That helped a my beagle a LOT. He never understood until there was cheese involved.

Have you tried crate training? That helped us a lot, too.

Barbara said...

Must be so frustrating.