Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wildlife update

I haven't had a wildlife update for a LONG time. Today...well I think I will have bad dreams tonight!

First, there was a lizard. (technically I believe they are geckos). I am getting used to them, sort of. But today it was on my bed! I am not happy about that!

And THEN...

We were on the patio tonight visiting with our dinner guests. I observed something leaping from one tree to the next and thought we had a monkey in our yard. It was on the papaya trees. Eric mentioned that the one ripening papaya had gone missing. Whatever this was, it was eating the fruit. Eric went in and got a flashlight. I already had my camera, so together we walked toward the tree. (You had better believe I would not have approached it alone!). Don't get excited, it was dark so I couldn't get my camera to focus thus no picture. It's really too bad because we saw a very unusual creature! I had to search the Internet for quite awhile to identify it: an Asian Palm Civet. One very interesting fact about them is that in some places they eat "coffee cherries", their stomach digests the fruit and they poop out the coffee beans. People actually pick up their poop and "harvest" the beans and sell it for a lot of money!

It is too late to say more. But today's sightings coupled with the story of our Pastor's friend who yesterday killed a COBRA - IN his house are practically guaranteed to make for very stressful dreams!

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Asia - no thanks.