Sunday, October 31, 2010

Puppy Update No. 1

No one got much sleep last night. The kids went to bed with the puppies in their rooms about 9:30. Eric and I stayed up until 12:30, then just as we were preparing to go to bed Anna came out to say Jasper was causing her problems. We offered suggestions and she went back to her room. Nothing worked, so she came to sleep in my bed and Eric slept in Anna's room with Jasper. Before Anna or I could get to sleep Jade began whining in Ethan's room. I decided to take care of her since I was awake (and Ethan wouldn't know what to do anyway.) Anna wanted to help, so together we played with Jade until 1:45. Finally Anna and I got to sleep, but only until 4:15 when Jade awoke again. I don't remember those details, but I know I was up for about 20 minutes with Jade, then back to sleep until 6:00. That time caused Ethan to cry so I sent him into my bed while I entertained Jade. I then slept on the couch with Jade while the kids slept in our bed and Eric slept in Anna's bed - what a mess!

Today we have of course been cleaning up lots of messes, but we have also managed to get both dogs to go potty outside. Jasper is exceedingly skinny and is eating like a horse which make us wonder how little she was being fed. Jade is cute and plump but extremely young - I would guess she has only recently been weaned. She seems unsure of how to eat and has twice thrown up what she ate, so we'll have to figure out what to do about that. She sleeps most of the time. Jade is younger but she will be bigger and she is already establishing herself as top dog over Jasper.

Tonight I think we will have the dogs in our room so that the kids at least can get some sleep. My idea is that I will tough it out through this early time, then once the puppies can sleep through the night they can go to the kids rooms.


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One word comment, "crate"

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