Saturday, October 30, 2010


...the newest members of our family:

Yep, it's official, I've lost my mind! We promised the kids they could get a dog when we got to Taiwan. They've had to wait while we dog sat for a friend. One week ago the dog left so we finally decided to make good on our promise. We looked at a pet store, not intending to buy anything because they are WAY too expensive. That particular store always had red poodles which is a breed we really wanted. But they are just over-the-top expensive and I was not about to pay that kind of money for a dog. It was hard to walk out without a dog though, especially since there were 3 red poodles to choose from.

Last night we went to the Shilin Night Market because we had heard you could find puppies there. We had also heard you shouldn't get one of those dogs, but we looked anyhow. We didn't see any sign of dogs, at least not dogs for sale.

Today we went to the Jade and Flower Market. We had been there once before while NOT looking for a dog, and there had been dogs. Sure enough, today they also had dogs and the price was most definitely right - FREE! Mutts, but that is what I honestly wanted. We've had only purebreds in the past and they are a pain. I also insisted we would only get a female. There was just one female available, and we all thought she was pretty cute so we took her. Ethan came up with her name, and we all thought it was a stroke of genius: Jade. Due to the next set of events, Jade has become Ethan's dog.
Jade needed food, a collar, leash, bed, etc., so we headed to a pet supply store we knew of near our old apartments (Jasper Villas.) While the kids chose an appropriately girly bed for Jade I realized there were some puppies in this store. Because I was beginning to worry about nighttime fights over who would sleep with Jade, I began asking questions. There was a black teacup poodle but it was a male. The only other dog was a Shih Tzu. We had one of those before and the dog made me crazy. I didn't really want one. But I asked anyhow and, sure enough, it was a female. I asked the price, expecting something outrageous. But it wasn't. She wasn't free like Jade, but not too bad. I quickly called Eric who was waiting in the car with Jade. "What would you think if we...?" He was all for it, because he was also anticipating the nighttime histrionics.
By the time we got back to the car Eric had come up with the perfect name which we again all embraced enthusiastically: Jasper. Jasper is Anna's dog.

Strangely, the purebred is rather motley looking while the mutt is cute as can be.
I imagine they will provide me with plenty of stories in the coming days. At the moment they are both happily in bed with their respective children. I hope they remain there until morning!


Elizabethd said...

What fun! The children will be so happy with their new friends!

KC said...

awww! Look at how cute they are!! We also just got a puppy, a Lhasa Apso that is a "handmedown" from my mom who doesn't have the time for a puppy anymore. We're in love with her...and having a lot of success with puppy pads. We put them on washing machine trays that mom got at Home Depot. It has a lip on the edge, so it's all nicely contained...and plenty of room for her to "do her stuff."