Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Temporary is the new Permanent

I've left hints here and there. I wasn't sure. We were "maybe yes" then "definitely no". I wanted to go home NOW, not 2 months from now. So 2 years? Don't even THINK about it.

Yesterday we arrived at "probably". Tomorrow we will go out with Susan the Realtor again but instead of touring the sights we'll be touring apartments (and hopefully homes!). It seems, for us, that TEMPORARY IS THE NEW PERMANENT.

(For the record, if this happens, we keep our house in Virginia.)


jmw said...

Do you mean you are probably staying two years???

bristowmom said...

Yep. At this point I believe the final decision is hinging on our saying yes, which is dependent upon finding acceptable living arrangements.

jmw said...