Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Taipei Zoo

I am not keeping up with my photos or presenting them in chronological order. That bugs me; I hope you don't mind!

Last Monday - (THE ONLY DAY I'VE SEEN THE SUN IN 2 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!) we went to the zoo. Nothing new to say about a zoo really. They had flamingo's, so I took pictures for Mindi:

We all had to wear sun glasses so as not to be blinded by that strange bright light in the sky.

The zoo entrance. I took this picture because of the plant in the bottom right corner. I have a plant like that growing in a pot at home. Not quite so huge. Actually, not even close.

While we were looking at the flamingos I heard a sort of screeching sound. I told the kids they must have peacocks, because I know they scream. We went around the corner to find the source of the screaming. It wasn't peacocks though, it was:

Monkeys! My favorite part of any zoo! I took a billion and 2 pictures, which was about a billion too many.

Of course I also took two billion and 5 pictures of plants and flowers. The Taipei Zoo is quite beautiful. The walkways look like this:

And there are flowers such as these:

Yes, the orchids are planted on tree trunks. There is so much foliage along the trunks of the trees in the zoo that you wouldn't necessarily know that the orchids are not part of the tree.

There are also palm-type trees with these things:

I don't know what they are. They sort of look like pine cones, except they are about the size of pineapple.

There are several types of beautiful evergreen foliage:

And even cactus! (Cacti, right?)

The kids played around on some hippopotamus sculptures.

Then the kids used my camera to take pictures of the real thing.

Aren't they lovely?

It was a great day to bask in the sunshine.

We eventually got pretty tired from the walking, so we boarded the zoo train to return to the front gate.
I had to take a picture of the name of the train: (double click the picture if you can't see it.)

It was a good day.

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