Thursday, June 10, 2010

Well, I believe my time in Taiwan is about to end. The kids have gotten very ugly about going anyplace. Their whining and complaining takes away any pleasure of adventure, so I have given up. I sit in the apartment all day with no one to talk to and nothing to do. Depression has set in. I told the kids repeatedly that if they were going to complain every time we went somewhere we would pack up and go home to Virginia. They will soon find out I wasn't kidding. They will whine just as much at home because they will miss their Dad, but at least I will have something to do, and I can make them play outside so I won't have to listen to the whining continually.

Very likely we won't stay in Virginia long. I think I'll drive to Idaho to visit my parents (yes, my Mom is still alive!) and Oregon to visit Eric's.


Denise said...

Sorry to hear the honeymoon is over for the kids. Well, stop by Minnesota on your jouney to Idaho if you do in fact come home early...we would love to have a visit. Nise

Anonymous said...

What this comes down to is "the Will of God" vs the will of the kids, or even the will of self. Your misery will increase if you are outside the Will of God, be it in Virginia or Taiwan. But the fruit of the Spirit will reap a beautiful reward when it grows out of perseverance in obedience. But this, of course does not come through gritted teeth and digging in your heels, but submissive surrender. On the practical note, YOU are going to have to seek out expats, so you can have communication with the people you can truly communicate with. It makes such a difference! When you go to church, grab a phone number from some ladies and say, "Can we get together, I am going nuts?!" They will understand and I am sure, want to encourage you.