Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tidbits from our day

We hung around the apartment again today. It is raining (still) which is perhaps just an excuse, but a rather good one. I think we are all actually enjoying just hanging around.

We recently finished reading Prince Caspian. It took us months due to all the moving/traveling disruptions. We've begun Treasure Island. Thankfully the books that I consider "boy" books appeal to Anna. I want to read some "girl" books too, but I expect Ethan will not be as accommodating. So we read a chapter or two here and there throughout our day.

Midway through one chapter Ethan disappeared to the bathroom. I continued reading.
After reappearing he sat listening for a bit, then when I paused he said "I pulled my tooth out and it didn't hurt." Hallelujah! There was no drama with this tooth! I was barely aware it was loose, and now the deed is done. Ethan tried to call his Dad with the news but was unsuccessful, so I suggested he send an e-mail. It was very cute. He typed the entire thing himself. I must share:

Dear daddy I lost my tooth and I need
To tell you that I pulled it
Out and it didn't even hurt and I'll tell you the whole story when you get home.
Anna kept busy making Barbie clothes out of the fabric I let her buy yesterday. She made a pair of shorts and, though rough, they actually go on and stay on her doll. Anna was beside herself with excitement! Here's a picture. She requested that I put a picture on my "Gispy Mom" site.

Bear in mind we have only a needle and thread and Anna can just barely sew. I am excited for her that she is enjoying being creative.

I am thinking of uses for my new fabric. I will not be attempting to do anything with it until I get home to a proper sewing machine. I have seen cute patterns on blogs for a reversible purse and a reversible apron. I like those ideas. I think homemade Christmas gifts might be the way to go this year. Except I don't know anyone besides me who would like the fabrics I chose. But then, I will be back to the fabric market for more purchases so maybe I can look with an eye to the taste of others.

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