Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our New Garden

While there is still no OFFICIAL word, apparently the house is ours. Yesterday Susan took me back to the house to measure the rooms and choose paint colors, then to a furniture store to choose furniture. I'd say it must be ours...don't you agree?

The kids came along this time. They were SO excited. They got to choose their rooms. They had already chosen on paper, but I wanted to be sure. Once they saw the rooms, they chose differently. They are each very happy with their choices. They will each have their own bathroom which I think will be a good thing.

While I did all the boring measuring and took more photos, the kids explored the yard. Once I was finished they had to lead me on a tour of their many finds.

There is a bird's nest in a bush outside the main door.
In the back there are stone steps leading to a large grassy area. I love these steps, as does Anna.
There is this little thing, which doesn't look like much in a picture. I think it has the potential to be a small pond, if it holds water. Or perhaps we can raise mosquitoes in it!

The pathway along the back of the house.
The back patio.
A nicely sculpted bush, which is maintained by the "yard boy".
There is one thing noticeably missing: color. There isn't a flower to be seen! But that is okay. The stone steps and moss covered walls seem to me the most amazing foundation for a wonderful garden. As of this moment I feel like I am not going to want to leave after 2 years. Of course, there was the little issue of the lizard in the living room...

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Elizabethd said...

It looks super. You are going to enjoy making it your own....and the lizard too!