Thursday, April 15, 2010

We're leaving soon... I think

Finalizing flight arrangements has been a rocky road. This morning I sent an e-mail to one of the transfer coordinators saying we would take the flights they proposed a few days ago. I haven't heard back to confirm that we actually GOT the seats, so I am still not 100% sure, and we are supposed to be leaving in 3 days! To put it mildly, I was unhappy when I first saw the itinerary. None of it matched what we asked for. Most of the changes don't matter too much, but the one huge problem is that we will be sitting in the LA airport from 9-12 p.m. That probably doesn't sound like a big deal. The problem is, 9-12 LA time is midnight-3 a.m. Virginia time. I cannot imagine how the kids are going to handle being awake at that time. Nevertheless, it is the best we can get at this point so we are going to have to make it work.

I went to my BSF group's monthly fellowship today. We talked about how amazing it is to see the way God put each one of us in a group together. A large percentage of us have husband's who travel quite a bit, and several of the ladies have invented terms for this condition. One said she is a married single Mom, another a computer widow. The point is, there is a great deal of empathy amongst the women for the others situations. I am sad to be leaving this great group of ladies, but I will look forward to seeing them again next fall when BSF launches a brand new study - the book of Isaiah. I will not have to wait until fall to see the woman who became my best friend in BSF: Gloria is from Taiwan and she will be there for 1 month while I am there! We will get together while she is "visiting" her home.

The hostess asked me to stay behind because she wanted to pray over me. Two other ladies stayed also and they all prayed over me; awesome prayers, I was in tears.

I apologize that once again this post is not well-written. I hope it is at least readable. I am supposed to be packing right now. Guess I'd better get to it!

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