Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am a Procrastinator

Let's see, today is Thursday, we're leaving Saturday, am I ready to go yet? Actually, no. Not even close. I work best (or maybe I ONLY work) under pressure. I haven't felt the pressure kick in yet. I have managed to pack clothes for the kids. I am seriously amazed by how few clothes Ethan has. Boy clothes aren't fun, and boys don't enjoy shopping for them, so this is the result.

I need to start pulling out my clothes. This is a serious issue because Eric took our 2 large suitcases when he left. I am left with 2 small suitcases and 2 duffle-type bags. I need to figure out if I need to purchase another suitcase. But hey, plenty of time.

THANKFULLY I checked online last night to see if the camera connector is available yet for my iPad. Without it, I would not be able to put pictures here and, honestly, what good will this be without pictures? For instance, last weekend Eric went to some restaurant by the ocean (I think he said it was by the ocean). The location was "cliffy". (okay, I made that word up. Lots of cliffs.) there was no room to build OUT, so everything was built UP. He said the restaurant was 5 stories, with just a few tables on each level. A picture of that is necessary, don't you think? The good news is the camera connector is now available. The other good news is I still have time to get to the store to buy it. I had assumed there would be an Apple store in Taiwan, but I found out last night there is not. GOOD THING I CHECKED!

The other accessory that I plan to purchase is a docking keyboard. This gizmo has an on-screen keyboard which is cool, but a REAL keyboard it is not. I have decided to wait to buy the keyboard until I return because I don't want to haul it with me. So here is my official typing disclaimer: I make a lot of mistakes using this keyboard and sometimes fixing them is just too much work. So if things are not capitalized or even sometimes if they are misspelled you will have to look past it. I cannot help it. Focus on the pictures, hopefully they will be great!

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Anonymous said...

It will be great, especially with pictures! FYI we got suitcases at the goodwill. Cleaned them with bleach and a hose outside and good to go. No real investment.