Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trees and life

The last snowstorm really wrecked havoc on the trees in Virginia. The amount of damage continues to amaze me. Everywhere you go there are mangled trees. The manner in which the trees broke is strange to me. Have you ever tried to break a branch or twig of a "green" bush or tree? You know, one that is still very much alive? A dead twig will snap, but a green one shreds. That is how the downed trees around here look - they are shredded, not snapped. Not just branches, whole tree trunks are shredded.

As I contemplated the devastation yet again today I thought of something which seemed worthy of mentioning:

In Minnesota, where I grew up, we got a lot of snow. Many times there was heavy, wet snow as we had recently in Virginia. But I never saw trees in Minnesota shredded like those that I am seeing here. It seems the trees here don't usually have to endure the pressure of a heavy, wet snow, and so they are not conditioned to "take it". I suppose in Minnesota the strength of the tree branches is tested every year. As a result, they grow stronger and are not devastated by the first storm that comes their way.

It seems to me that is rather like life: as we endure pressure we are better able to withstand the storms. If a person has not had much pressure in their life, they might just fall to shreds when a storm hits.

Just a thought...

I should really take some pictures of the trees and show them to you.


R said...

Yes, but even what is shredded or broken can be healed. It just takes longer.

And those that are standing and enduring under all that pressure are perhaps building up callouses, when they are actually hurting inside.

bristowmom said...

I hadn't thought about the callous possibility. You're right that that could be happening. However, I don't think that necessarily has to be the case - I hope that in some cases the burdens start small and we grow stronger by enduring them. I guess that would require that we take them to God for help - He can help us grow stronger. I think if we aren't relying on Him for the strength then there's a good chance we developing callouses and maybe growing bitter roots too!

R said...

Well, if people are like trees, then I suppose there are some that are still standing, living on their bitterness and some that are still standing, living on their maturity. LOL