Friday, March 26, 2010

A few details

Details are trickling in. We are pretty sure we know where we will be living. Our housing contact sent pictures of the actual unit, but they don't fully match with any of the floor plans shown on the website of the place we believe we'll be, so I'm not sure. It is NOT the place that was my first choice but, honestly, if I had never seen my first choice this place would probably be fabulous. It DOES have a spa. (Yea!) And it has a "breakfast room" in the public spaces so I'm not sure but I think they might cook breakfast for us. Seriously I may never want to come back to America! I believe we are about one block from Taipei 101 - - FORMERLY the worlds tallest building, until Dubai opened their place. (The Burj? Have to ask my brother.) One of my brothers is living near The Burj and I'll be living near Taipei 101, so if you have a desire to visit the world's tallest places you can visit various members of my family and you'll be covered!

Eric was able to get his departure pushed back 1 day, so he will at least be here long enough to say hello to his Mom and Aunt.

Our school really wants to get Anna tested for the gifted program so they were a bit frantic for details of when we were leaving. When I told them the kids will be back for at least a bit after Spring Break they were quite relieved. I believe they are making special arrangements to have her tested right after spring break, as I've told them I expect we will be leaving not too long after that.

I did my last volunteer stint in Ethan's classroom today, and I actually realized I'll miss that. I have been getting to know the kids and for the most part I like them - even the "bad" ones. My last 2 times I've been in charge of the painting center and that is a LOT OF WORK!!! But it is fun to see the kids creations. Most of the paintings are pretty predictable, but there are 1 or 2 kids that look to me (like I know anything!!!) like they might have some artistic ability. I am fascinated by what one child in particular paints. I am not sure but I think the child comes from some sort of messy home life. The paintings this child creates are by far, BY FAR more original than anything any of the others do.

I've got a busy day tomorrow. This post is probably very choppy again but you'll just have to deal with that from me for awhile.

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Anonymous said...

You may be close to just the SECOND tallest building, but I bet you can at least go up in it. The Burj Khalifa (aka Burj Dubai) is still shut down over elevator problems.