Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hi! Remember me?

I wish I had a really good excuse for not writing for so long. Like I'd been doing something very important or been busy volunteering at school or... I don't know, SOMETHING. But I'm going to tell you the truth about what I've been doing instead of writing or making cards or being important. I've been... sleeping. Yeah, I wrote that really small, hoping you might not see it. It's embarrassing.

No, I am not depressed. I am just tired. And I'm not actually sleeping more than a normal person, mostly I'm just sleeping at the wrong times. I am rather like a newborn - I have my days and nights mixed up. I often spend most of the night awake and then, every chance I get during the day, I lay down and sleep. P-LEASE don't lecture me about what I should do differently. This has been going on for months and months so, believe me, I've tried it! Okay, maybe I haven't tried everything, but I've tried a lot. I won't go on about it, but I do have to insert this one exception to what has been my "normal" lately: A couple of weeks ago on a Friday night I slept fairly normally. I got up early in the morning - earlier than anyone else - had coffee, ate breakfast and went back to bed. I proceeded to sleep until NOON. I haven't done that, I don't think, since I was a teenager. Wow, was that wonderful. I mean, I could not believe how good it felt to sleep so much.

That reminds me of a funny story. A few months ago I WAS volunteering at something for my son. I was talking with another mother who was on duty with me. Her name was Joy and she DESERVED that name - she was so happy and just a lot of fun. I think she's a single Mom. She told me that on Friday she fixes breakfast and lunch for her son's for Saturday and when she goes to bed Friday night the boys are told to take care of themselves on Saturday. She sleeps most of the day. I said "Wow, I wish I could sleep like that. I'm too old. I get sore." To which she replied: "Girl! That's why God gave you four sides! You sleep on this one, then you turn and sleep on that one, then you..." Oh my goodness how she made me laugh!

I intended to write about something entirely different here, but I spent too much time on the sleep issue. I need to go pick up kids. Who knows, maybe I'll write my intended post during the night, when I'm NOT sleeping! :-)

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