Monday, March 8, 2010

Hooray for Ethan!

Ethan finally got the trophy he's been wanting all his life. (All 6 years of it!)

Anna received one a couple of years ago just for playing on a soccer team. (I'm happy for her, I guess, but I think it is lame that you get a trophy just for showing up. The cynical side of me believes this practice came about purposefully by American Progressives who wanted to condition our kids for socialism. Whether or not it was purposeful, it surely has had that effect.) Ever since Anna got her trophy Ethan has been green with envy. The following year I asked him about joining a soccer team but he was not interested. I told him he'd get a trophy but he was still not interested. (I was shocked!) Now that I think about it - look how he really HAS been conditioned for socialism! He wants the reward without the work!

Well, yesterday we went to the Pinewood Derby Sectional competition. Once again Ethan did not win for speed, but he won first place for design! He got a real trophy and he could not be more thrilled. It was nail-biting for me, let me tell you! I knew he hadn't won the races, so as they announced design winners I was praying he would win SOMETHING. They started at 5th place. Fifth and fourth received medals and I hoped he WOULDN'T place there because he would not have been satisfied with a medal. So after they announced third and second places I was REALLY nervous. I almost screamed when he won first place! I contained it thankfully, because that would have really embarrassed Ethan. I was so relieved, and happy for Ethan. Sorry I don't have a picture to post - Eric is in Taiwan and he took the digital camera.

On a related note: A friend is signing her kids up for spring baseball and asked if I would be putting Ethan in. It sounded like a great idea to me, but when I asked about it this morning Ethan absolutely refused. He is NOT interested in playing sports. I wish he was, but I guess I can be grateful that I don't have to spend my weekends at kids games. I haven't put Anna in anything since that first year of soccer. About half way through the season it became really difficult to get her to go to practice. I cannot imagine where she got that from!


underthegypsytree(at) said...

Well Less booboos by far. I hope my kid isnt all about sports. I guess that really shows how different people can be.

Mrs. Sinta said...

Count your blessings that he does not want to play sports! You will have much more time as a family.

R said...

We signed E up for soccer. She is over the moon about it. Thankfully all the games are always down the road at the same place (every time), and the practices are only once a week with a game on the weekend.

Joel can't wait!!!