Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tech stuff

In anticipation of "The Big Adventure" I told Eric I would like a new digital camera. As I've said before, ours has been dropped onto too many parking lots and into too many swimming pools to be much good. It works, but barely. What I really really WANT is a digital SLR. So we've been looking at cameras, SLR and "regular". I had decided I would probably abandon the idea of an SLR in an effort to save money. But then...

I must back up.

Over a year ago the economic meltdown hit home for us. We had to stop using credit cold turkey. That has been an interesting journey, let me tell you! I could write a lot about the journey, but time doesn't permit that right now. Let me just say I have been amazed at how I enjoy buying things when I actually pay for them with real money. Everything now is paid for either with cold hard cash or the debit card.

Today I stumbled across something with our checking account/debit card. We have been earning "Rewards Points" that I never knew about. We have accumulated loads of points. Guess what? We have enough points for me to get a DIGITAL SLR! For free!!!

Cash is good. Credit is bad. Cash is good. Credit is bad.

Wow! I have to say thank you to God for this. HE has been the center of our new life. Do I ever wish I had time to write.

I will be on 1 airplane for 17 hours sometime soon. I will have time to write then, and I'll have another new gizmo with me - one that I can write on. I'm getting an IPad to take to Taiwan. (And paying cash for it, of course!) Hopefully I can write then. There is so much to tell. So much...


R said...

Well, we have been praying for God to bless you greatly, and He has certainly done it!!! The kids and I pray for you nearly every "morning prayer" time at school. God is good. SO happy for you!!!!

bristowmom said...

Thank you for the prayers. God IS good!
!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a secret blessing He had waiting for you.