Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Gift from Across the Pond

For several years I've been reading a blog written by a lovely English woman. From time to time she has written about participating in swaps with other blog readers. I've always thought that sounded like a fun thing to participate in. Sometimes she arranges the swaps. I threw my name in once when she arranged pen pals; sadly, I never received a letter from my partner. (Perhaps what she received from me was too boring.) Anyhow, she recently organized another swap: stationary. I decided to try again.

 First off, finding stationary is no easy task! Almost no one writes letters so it makes sense that stationary stores are closing. I first looked for Papyrus. They used to be in our local mall and carried nice things. Turns out they are no longer in the mall. As far as I can tell, they are only online. I didn't have time to wait for an order to be mailed to me, so I drove to the nearest Hallmark store. Their sign was still up, but the space was vacant. A day or so later I drove to another Hallmark store. The clerk wouldn't admit they are going out of business, but they clearly are. Everything in the store was 50-75% off. I did find a cute set of note cards in a fun container; however, when I opened the container the cards and envelopes were all jumbled up. I straightened them and counted to be sure there were an equal number of cards and envelopes. There were 10 of each, but the label said there should be 12. Someone must have stolen 2 - strange! Eventually I did find more stationary at Barnes and Noble and managed to get my package off in the mail JUST at the deadline.

Like the organizer, my "swap mate" lives in England. She sent her package to me the same day I sent mine to her. I was slightly worried about one or the other of our packages not making it to the recipient, so was pleasantly surprised when both packages were delivered today. When I opened the mailing envelope I found two (or was it three?) gift wrapped packages. My first thought was "what fun! I wish I'd thought to gift wrap my packages!" I LOVE presents, which explains why I tore into mine and failed to register in my brain if there were 2 or 3 parcels.  In either case,  what I found was an abundance of lovely note cards,  a small address book and - bonus! - several pens.  I LOVE pens - particularly with different colored inks.  I received a 4 pack of pens with colorful inks plus a pen that seems to me to be a quintessentially British floral - love it!

Here is a picture of the entire gift:

A picture of (possibly) my favorite notecard:

Another lovely note card:

And finally, the pens and address book.

I immediately entered the address of my swap mate into the address book.  Along with the gifts, she wrote a very nice note.  I, on the other hand, wrote a short, hurried note as I rushed to get my package to the post office.  I shall have to write a better note along with a thank you for the lovely gifts.

What a fun day - presents!  And from England no less!


Elizabethd said...

I am so delighted that you received such a lovely parcel of gifts! I have met Betty just once when we were staying in Brighton, and she is a very thoughtful person. The teacup note cards are charming.

Betty said...

Oh goody you got the stuff! I had the same problems finding anything pretty - we have a shop called The Works and they did the notelets, the address book I found later and the pens were on an offer at a local newsagent.. I am so very glad you liked them, after sending I thought 'teacups on the notelets, is that a bit too British?'! I opened your package and was delighted to find writing paper with pretty flowers (impossible to find any here) and your beautifully hand made cards, all the gifts you sent were very generous .... I would like to keep in touch and have emailed you about that. Thank you for being my swap partner and thank you to Elizabethd (who I met in Brighton many moons ago) xxx Betty

Julie said...

Hello there .... thank you for the lovely comment you left me over on my blog. I am so glad you found your way via Betty's blog (Wood fairy). That is lovely that you had her for your swap partner ... I think the whole idea of a stationary swap sounds wonderful & I would definately have taken part if I hadn't "missed the boat" somehow. I agree with you - the teacup notelets are simply wonderful. Thanks again ... Julie x x

Debbie Harris said...

Hello, I've come over from Elizabethd blog and the swap to meet you. What beautiful things you have received from your partner. I especially love the teacup note cards, quite beautiful.
I too enjoyed this swap and have met a new friend who lives very near to me, we hope to meet up in the near future.

Have a beautiful and blessed day~