Saturday, September 27, 2014


Yesterday was only half as exciting as anticipated.

The exciting part was my husband got the promotion he was hoping for.  It's a very exciting position for him and it MIGHT mean less travel.  At least when he does travel it should be domestically most of the time.

The excitement that didn't happen involved buying a house.  We, or actually our realtor, had found a house that was not yet listed but which the owners were planning to list in a few months.  They let us look at it, gave the dollar figure they were planning to list at and indicated they would take less if they didn't have to do any updates.  We loved the house.  The kitchen had been modernized and, while it wasn't anything I would choose, it was very well done so I could appreciate it.  None of the bathrooms had been updated and the roof is nearing the end of its useful life.  We thought we could get the house at a good price and do the updates to our taste.  We planned to write up an offer yesterday.  However, before we could begin, the seller's realtor indicated that they were not willing to accept $x for the house.  Basically they were willing to give just the tiniest discount.  We decided not to bother making an offer.  A little disappointing because we really loved the house and it's location.  However, I know that God has something for me whether it's a different house or no house and I only want to be where God wants me.  So I'm not too disappointed.

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Elizabethd said...

Disappointing, but there will be a reason for it. Praying that a much better house comes on the horizon.