Sunday, September 14, 2014


There has been a great deal of bad news lately. Thankfully none of it has involved me directly, just people around me that I care about. I was wondering what I could write about that wouldn't be the "downer" stuff and I thought I must have some picture I could share. I realized I have lots and lots of pictures that I've never shared and I chose this one for today. In August we took a trip to the Bahamas. While there we indulged in a meal at Mesa Grill. If any of you are fans of Food Network you will know of Bobby Flay. (The kids and I have become fans in the past few months.). Bobby Flay owns Mesa Grill; that fact is what drew us to the restaurant. I don't think I can convey how much we enjoyed our meal. Each item we tried was unique from anything we've eaten anywhere else, and everything was perfect. Even a simple thing like corn was over the top delicious. It seemed to be seasoned - I'm guessing here - with lime and cayenne pepper, was blackened and had a sprinkling of goat cheese over it. I never dreamed something as simple as corn could be so delicious! We were dressed better than this at dinner. I didn't bring my camera to dinner so we went back the next day to take the picture.

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Elizabethd said...

Isn't it a pleasure to find a restaurant where everything goes well. I guess you will be returning!