Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Rip Roaring (Springs) Birthday

Once again Anna's birthday occurred while we were in the States. We spent the day at Roaring Springs water park and we all had a fabulous time. Anna said it was the best birthday ever, which honestly surprised me because she has historically had some really big parties.

I have to say, we did Roaring Springs in style. We rented a "cabana" for the day (pictured below.) The cabana is really just a small walled off space surrounded by others but the service you receive when you reserve a cabana is awesome - it really made our day perfect. Any time you want ANYTHING to eat or drink you just put a little flag up. Cabana staff appears very quickly, takes your order and fetches the food from wherever in the park. I had arranged ahead of time for a birthday cake. The water park gets the cakes from one of THE best bakeries in Boise so it was fabulous tasting. And it was kept for us in a refrigerator near our cabana so that when it was time for cake we just asked the staff and they promptly brought it to us.

Here is our birthday girl:

Roaring Springs is a very large water park with lots and lots of rides. Unfortunately I only photographed one of them!

We all had more than our fair share of sugar that day: birthday cake, soda, Dippin' Dots ice cream (which I LOVE), and the kids had some Fun Dip. Abby (AKA Most Favorite Cousin in the world) isn't really a kid anymore, but she made the party alot of fun and she is still young enough to indulge in Fun Dip, and not ashamed to prove it.


SprinklerBandit said...

Ha! Can't believe you got a picture of Abby doing that. Glad anna had fun.

Anonymous said...

They really Do have the best cakes!