Friday, August 19, 2011

Kenting Vacation

Here are some of my photos from our recent trip to Kenting, Taiwan. First, my two favorites:
The water looks pretty dirty. I am not sure if it was or if the waves were just churning up a lot of sand. I prefer to think it was the churning. I think there is a strong chance that was the case, as the beach was actually closed to swimming this day due to a strong undercurrent.
There were hammocks strung up along the beach. One night after sunset everyone in both of our families (our and our friends) lazed in the hammocks. That was one of the most wonderful parts of our vacation for me. At one point Anna laid with me in a hammock and told me about how much she loved her family and why. It was a special time.
Though several years apart in age, Anna and our friend's daughter seem to be very much alike in personalities and interests. They both loved playing in the sand and waves.

The obligatory crashing waves picture:
I think the only pictures I have left to share are those from the lighthouse. After that I will be out of pictures to share! (Unless I post some more flower pictures. I generally have lots of those!)

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Barbara said...

I would be pretty sure that the water colour was from the sand as the water itself looks clean. Always interesting to me to see photos of far off places.