Monday, August 29, 2011

Lotus Ponds

The kids and I had been home in the States just a few days when I suddenly remembered the lotus ponds at the Taipei Botanical Garden were supposed to be in bloom. My friend Sandra had told me they bloom in June and July. July was almost over so I rushed us out the door - I did not want to miss this!

Before we get to pictures of the actual flowers, I want to try to give some perspective on how large the plants and flowers are.

And I'm throwing this picture in just because. Because he doesn't like his picture taken, because I love taking his picture, because there are 3 pictures of his sister AND because if you look at the picture full screen you can actually see sweat under his eyes! It was a HOT day. HOT!!!!
I almost (almost!) like the flowers better after the petals fall off. I think the part that remains is so cool!

I even thought the decomposing leaves were pretty.
But of course, the piece de resistance is the flower.

I am a little amazed by the fact that this beautiful garden is set within the heart of Taipei. It is sort of a hidden gem. Sandra told me there are seldom any tourists there. The park is really tucked away and I don't know if you would see it if you were just passing by. My guess is that is purposeful on the part of the people of Taipei - maybe not, but I can imagine them wanting to keep this island of serenity for themselves.

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Elizabethd said...

I have seen lotus flowering in Thailand and marvelled at them. What a lovely place you visited, all the nicer for being so secluded.