Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bintan Resort - Fun at the Pool (s)

Finally I am getting around to sharing some vacation photos!

Our resort had 2 fabulous pools. This one had a swim up bar which I never visited. I have never done that, and I always want to! Just never felt like it when we were there. But isn't this pool lovely?

The other pool was more kid-friendly. It had nice, gentle slides...

and giant beach balls that you got inside of and then you could "walk on the water".

And the natives were friendly...

...or not! This was a monitor lizard that wandered into the pool. Every time it tried to get out some dork would squirt it with a water gun or otherwise harass the thing, so it stayed in the pool for about 30 minutes. One time it's proposed exit site was very near me so I got to observe it fairly close. It kept sticking it's tongue out - and it was forked. Eerie! Tip to tail it was about 5 feet long!

Next to the pool there were 4 trampolines and 2 of them were set up for "bungee bouncing". The kids both tried it. Other peoples kids did somersaults and flips whilst bouncing, but mine aren't terribly brave. (I cannot imagine why not!!!)
Anna liked it, but she didn't love it and she didn't want to go much higher than this.

Ethan of course had to be better than his sister, so he got awfully high.

I wasn't even interested in being strapped in. This entertainment was more my speed:

More photos soon...

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Elizabethd said...

Fascinating photos of a great holiday.