Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig

I am my parent's daughter. Just like them, I always come home from vacation early!

We tried out a new place which had been recommended by a friend who is a Virginia native. We were quite happy with the location - we would definitely go back. If the kids hadn't gotten sunburned, Eric hadn't gotten a sinus infection and we weren't moving across the world in a few days, we might have stayed longer. But the kids DID get sunburned so they need to stay away from the beach for awhile and Eric DID get a sinus infection requiring a doctor visit and several prescriptions and we ARE moving in...5 we thought it best to come home.

I brought my camera along but never took a single picture! Partly because I wanted to enjoy rather than photograph, partly because I am beginning to think all beach photos look alike and partly because I didn't want to get sand in my camera. So, sorry but no photos.

We went to Emerald Isle, North Carolina. We stayed at a beach front motel that was very adequate but nothing spectacular. The location was perfect for a family -- steps from the beach, walking distance to mini-golf and a place with water slides (tame slides, like the old days) and close to restaurants. We sampled 3 different restaurants and each was excellent. The one that I must mention is called Rucker Johns. Among the things we ate: a basket of croissants drizzled with honey butter. I have seriously never had anything so heavenly. The croissants melted in your mouth and the honey butter made them seem like dessert. I think I will dream of those croissants while in Taiwan!

We played miniature golf at night, after the sun had gone down. The kids had never done it before. They loved it, absolutely loved it. It was fun to watch them. And, ahem, I won! Beat Eric by 3 strokes. Ha! Perhaps I have found something I do better than him. Of course, he is horribly sick, so perhaps I should not agree to a rematch.

The coming days will be busy so it is likely I will not post again until we are settled in Taiwan. But then again, you never know.


R said...

I hope you all got to relax a little? Sounds like it.

Will be good to see you all on Friday.

Barbara said...

Sounds fun and I love North Carolina.