Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Garden

My garden isn't much this year. I wasn't here to plant new flowers or to keep things waters and treated against bugs. Though you cannot tell now, there are 2 peonies and 1 rose bush in this photo. I was gone when they bloomed, and I was very sad about that.

It has been a strangely dry year and recently extremely hot. My hostas aren't loving it.
I don't generally count hosta flowers as flowers at all, but since I am so bereft of real flowers this year, I decided to count it. It brings my total (that I get to see) to 4.

One of my favorites: purple coneflower or echinachea. The bumble bees are loving these flowers too. On a side note: in Taiwan we bought the kids some oil pastels. One day the kids and I sat and drew pictures. I had never used oil pastels. I rather successfully drew some coneflowers. I was impressed with myself!

A lone rosebud. I have old English roses which I love. They bloom profusely in the spring. (I assume it did this year.) But as summer progresses the heat and Japanese beetles take their toll and I just hope they'll LIVE through to the next year.

One of my daylilies. I don't like common yellow varieties. I had hoped for something purple but I believe I bought this at the end of the season, on sale, when there wasn't much left. I rather like it, even if it's not "my" colors. (By the way, if you look closely there is a small moth deep inside and another bug on the stamen.)

Sadly, this beauty is not in my garden. It is at our community pool. It is a crepe myrtle. I love them. If I ever live here at the proper time I will plant one in my yard.


Elizabethd said...

We know crepe myrtle as Lagerstroemia. It loves the heat of Southern France, but we do have one here in Brittany, and it flowered last year!

pro356mom said...

We have a number of crepe myrtles in our yard - pink, lilac, and purple. You and the kids are welcome to come over and see them -- and have a little visit, too! Please call or e-mail me if you have the time.

bristowmom said...

Katherine, we would love to come by for a quick visit. I'll see if we can find the time.