Saturday, July 3, 2010


For a girl who loves to shop, this move to Taiwan is a dream come true! Except in a condensed, hurry-it-up version. While still in Taiwan I was taken to a furniture store with very little furniture in it. What was there was so ugly I wouldn't put it in my garage. I doubt they ever actually sell anything. After I'd done a quick run-through of the store I was brought to a table and handed catalogs from well-known retailers. I got to pick whatever I wanted. Copies will be custom made for me! Because I had to do it all so fast I don't expect I made all the best choices. But still, I'm not complaining!

One thing we could not live with was a Taiwan-made bed. We have a Sleep Number bed and believe me, once you get used to that you have trouble sleeping on anything else. For various reasons we have decided to purchase a new Sleep Number bed which we will have moved to Taiwan with our household things. That was today's job for me - order the bed. It was on sale and the sale ends tomorrow, plus we need to allow time for it to be shipped to our house in the US before the movers take our things for Taiwan. We are finally making the leap to a king size bed. For many years we've had what is called an "expanded queen" or "Olympic queen". Retailers have never manufactured sheets for our size bed, so I have to buy king sheets. So why not have a bed that the sheets actually fit, since I'm paying the price anyhow?

I had researched the bed earlier in the week and come home with a catalog covering our different options, as well as bedding sold by the Sleep Number company. There was a particular duvet cover that I fell in love with. So today, while I was purchasing the bed, I decided to just go for the whole thing. Everything I bought today was discounted since I was buying a bed, so how could I not? What fun! I bought a new bed, mattress pad, pillows, sheet set AND duvet set.

Really, I had to buy that bedding. I believe the colors are going to match well with the upholstery I chose for a bench and chairs for our bedroom. This is all just too much fun!

There was one TINY disappointment today. Since I splurged on the duvet set I had to forgo all of the other shopping I was planning to do. Oh well, some other day perhaps.

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Unknown said...

Hi, my name is Sarah, and I work for Select Comfort (I’m @SleepNumberSara on Twitter). While monitoring our brand online, I came across your blog post and wanted to thank you for your purchase! We hope you enjoy your new bed at your new home. How exciting. If you haven’t joined us already, I invite you to become a fan of Sleep Number on facebook at Thanks again, and sleep well.