Monday, January 25, 2010

Everyone is sick

Everyone in our home is sick. Well, except me. Eric has a sinus infection and is in enough pain that he actually called in sick to work (!), Anna has a fever and diarrhea and Ethan just has a cold. I kept both kids home from school - Anna for obvious reasons and Ethan just because he would have been mad if he had to go when he is sick while all the other sickies got to stay home.

Make no mistake about it, the older my kids get the more I like them. But there is this one thing: They are now old enough to fill in details for me. Details of things I'd rather not know about! On the other hand, now I only have to HEAR the details, I don't have to SEE them! Yep, I definitely prefer older kids!


Anonymous said...

I used to always get sinus infections until I discovered garlic. Loads and loads when sick, 1000mg/daily when well. Sharon

R said...

We are sick too!!! Fun times. Thankfully they are all getting over it. Hopefully everyone gets better soon on your end!

Mrs. Sinta said...

I am not sick. I am fat, fat, fat. My jeans hardly close.