Sunday, January 10, 2010


The past few days have been busy. On Friday the elementary classes held the "holiday parties" which were missed due to snow just before Christmas. I "helped" at both parties. (Mostly I just showed up.) The kindergarten party was pretty mellow but the noise level at the third grade party was insane. I could never teach. I said something to a group of Mom's about how I would have a non-stop headache if I was a teacher with all of the noise and one Mom said "I took 2 preventative Tylenol before I came in today." So it's not just me! It always, ALWAYS makes me feel better when I find out I'm not the only imperfect Mom in the world. But no matter how many times I learn that I have company, I continue to feel that every other mother in the world is perfect.

Today was the first time our neighborhood scrapbook club has gotten together in 6 months. I was only able to go for 3 hours, which made me sad because there were more women there than ever when I've attended in the past. They're meeting tomorrow too, but because it's Eric's birthday I'm not going.

After regular church tonight Eric and I checked out a different class than the one we had been attending. Not sure if I liked it or not, although afterward I enjoyed talking with a really nice woman who is pregnant with her 6th child! She is Perfect, of course. She's pretty, her kids are all well-behaved and she home schools.

I miss taking time and writing here, but lately I've used my time to make cards. Someday... Probably it will all happen at the same time: I'll write well, make beautiful cards AND be the perfect mother.

And then I'll wake up.

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