Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Love You Just the Way You Are

A couple of weeks ago I bought "Alli" - the weight loss supplement pills. For various reasons I hadn't used them yet. I took my first pill this morning. Ethan saw me taking it and asked "What is that for?" I told him it was to help me get skinny. He said "I don't want you skinny. I like you just the way you are." I asked "You like me fat?" He said "You aren't TOO fat. Like I saw this man one time who was" (he held his hands apart - about the width of my butt) "But I like you just the way you are" he said again. "Why do you like me this way?" I asked. "It's good for holding" he answered. It reminded me of a comedy routine I saw Roseanne Barr do many years ago. She said something like "Who wants a skinny Mom?" and described how it was no good to sit in the lap of a bony Mom; no, you want to sit on a nice, cushiony Mom. I guess she was right! Well, at least a 6 year old boy wants a fat Mom. An 8 year old girl wants a skinny one, and I imagine when that boy gets just a bit older he would prefer a skinny Mom too. I'll do my best to accommodate them!


Mrs. Sinta said...

How does taking a pill cause a person to lose weight?

bristowmom said...

It's supposed to block some of the fat you eat from entering your system - flush it right out. You are supposed to commit to eating better and exercising, then they claim that you'll lose extra weight if you take this pill. It's apparently worked for my brother, so I'm giving it a try.

Mrs. Sinta said...

Assuming that it flushes the fat through your digestive tract, and not your brain, this will make for some interesting bathroom time.