Tuesday, June 16, 2009


If you are going to read this post, I must apologize on many levels. I tried to write a poem this morning. It started in the tone of Genesis and with lofty ideals. It quickly (VERY quickly) spiraled into the tone of Dr. Seuss. In my defense, I read a LOT of Dr. Seuss to Ethan this morning so it is kind of stuck in my brain. And I like his rhythm and rhyme, oh I like it a lot. I try to stop myself; I cannot! Oops - see! Perhaps most maddening of all, I have not finished it but I'm putting it here anyhow. I can't finish it yet. The last verse just happened this morning.
And so I just stopped - very much without warning! (But you've been warned.)

In the beginning there was stress
and it was bad.
Then God said "Give me your stress".
I gave Him all that I had.
Then Satan stepped in
and turned the wheels in my head.
"Don't you think it is better to feel stress?"
he said.
And I sat and I pondered
and I thought on the matter.
(All the while popping cookies -
my bottom grew fatter.)
And at last I decided
"Why yes! I should FEEL.
I've a right. I've been wronged.
I got a raw deal!
And so I decided
to worry and stew;
be obsessed with my problems.
What else could I do?
And now I'm a wreck.
My blood pressures high.
I'm tired, I'm cranky.
I think "I, I, I".
Now God whispers quietly
"I'm here, 'member me?
I told you I'd take all your stress,
set you free."

. . . to be continued.


R said...

That is hilarious. I know you may not mean for it to be, but you could be more like me (you have probably not read a lot of my creative writing) and be all vague about the whole matter to where you don't know what in tarnation I am talking about!

You are a great morbidly funny poet! Had me laughing. I think the end is too abrupt. Keep the misery going for a while...

Mrs. Sinta said...

I don't really do poetry except for kid's books, Psalms and Shakespeare. Somehow you fit right in.

KC said...

L- you are so talented!! I LOVE this!!!