Thursday, June 18, 2009


My scanner is working again - woo hoo! So... I've been making cards like crazy this past week. For some reason that I do not understand, I am extremely pleased with what I have created, they all look good. A few days ago I made a fun card that I loved; when I showed it to Eric he made some general blase comment like "It's really nice". It felt like he was about as impressed as with a kindergartner's art project. (Except he would show MORE enthusiasm for a kindergarten art project that was brought home by his child, understandably.) So today I gave him a chance to redeem himself. I showed him what I think may be the best card I've ever made. He mustered up all the enthusiasm he could and said "It's really nice!" Really - - - nice? This card has everything! Fabulous color, stamping, coloring, water coloring, sponging, embossing, HUMOR!!!! And it's "nice"?

I need some positive affirmation from somewhere so, please, tell me you like this card. Just, please, don't say it's nice.


Mrs. Sinta said...

All your cards always look great to me. I hope you have not just been damned by faint praise. :)

SprinklerBandit said...

I love it. I get kind of the same response when I talk to Brent about my horse, though. There's just things that men don't understand, and they really, truly think that "nice" is a stunning compliment.

Oh well, that's why we have girl friends.

R said...

I think it is gorgeous. Not nice. I love how the water color makes me truly think of the sea---it looks like a vacation on paper.

bristowmom said...

Thanks everyone!

KC said...

Wow! I am totally impressed! I thought it was a professional book cover, before I read your blog.
I totally expected to read a book review when I first saw it.

Nice job!! (I mean, AWESOME job! heh heh)

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