Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Parade

Recently Ethan walked in our local Holiday Parade with his Boy Scout troop.  It was a beautiful but cold day.

The new snow on the mountain tops certainly was pretty.

A sign post on the road leading to the capital building.  I guess I was in a great mood that day; I even thought the signs were pretty.

In a small town parade you don't get big, beautiful floats.  You get motorcycle clubs...

and girls from dance schools (LOVE their colors!)

There was one humble float.  I  loved it's message. (A sign not in this picture said "Thank you God for these gifts".)  I was happy to see that although this was a "Holiday" parade rather than a "Christmas" parade, the Christmas message was still allowed in.

There were a large number of fancy horses and riders.

 Of course there were some very handsome Boy Scouts.  (My son is the incredibly handsome one with red hair.  He did have his Scout shirt on under his coat, I promise.)

And there was of course a marching band.  I think putting a metal instrument to your mouth in cold temperatures must be highly uncomfortable so I applaud these kids for their toughness.

I am enjoying Christmas preparations.  I especially enjoy the decorating.  I hope to share pictures of that soon.


Natalie said...

Wonderful, wonderful small town America. This is kind of what we're looking for now...a real community.

Barbara said...

Glad to see the Christian message still allowed too. Hope you are having a lovely Christmas.