Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Monkey See...

I came up with a silly little poem while looking at these pictures:
Monkey see,
Monkey do,
Monkey steal your food from you.
Monkey look,
Monkey sneer,
Monkey scare us out of here.
Monkeys are another thing Bali is known for. In Ubud you will find Monkey Forest Road and Monkey Temple. They have a monkey god. (They have lots and lots of gods, although they will tell you there is only one god. Their explanation begins to sound a bit like the Christian Trinity, but then very much different.)
I always thought I liked monkeys. In any zoo they are my favorite thing. I love watching them swing and climb at lightening speed. Unfortunately, once I got up close and personal with them the city girl in me came roaring to the fore and I found out I am quite terrified of monkeys. One monkey seemed to take a particular dislike to Anna and a couple of times it sneered and snarled so badly at her that I thought we were in for some serious trouble.

This line of thinking brought me to this:

I'm (sort of) Eva Gabor. Minus the glamor.

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ducky said...

I can totally see being wary of them. They remind me of over-friendly city squirrels--they get close but are not really your friends.