Monday, January 16, 2012

Blogging...blah! Seems no one has time for it any more. This is going to be brief.

As usual, I have probably hundreds of photos from our vacation. And as usual, I will put the tiniest fraction of them here for you to see. For today, just 6 photos from the very beginning of our vacation.

We went first to Lovina,a town on the northern edge of the island. The only reason for going there was to see dolphins. We got up before the sun (a major feat for us on any given day, much less on a vacation day!) and met our "guide" (boat driver?) on the beach.

We were not exactly alone out there.

There were a LOT of other boats doing the same thing. Fortunately, there were also a lot of dolphins.
I do realize that I should insert a lot of awesome dolphin pictures here, but the truth is I didn't get great pictures of dolphins. They're kinda fast, you know? And you never knew where they were going to show up. They did put on a spectacular show for us - they jumped (singly and in tandem, mothers and little babies), twirled and I swear one even cartwheeled. But I cannot prove any of it.

Since I couldn't get great pictures I decided to document other things. Sadly, this was an all too common sight:
Yep, there was a lot of trash floating in the ocean.

And there was this boat driver / guide who we all thought was cool looking. (The kids call him Sensai. I don't know how you spell that and I don't really know who it is. Someone from Star Wars or Clone Wars I guess. If you're into those movies/shows you'll probably know who this looks like.)

And, okay, this is completely out of order. It's the sunrise as we were leaving the beach. But I think it's pretty and I'm too lazy to put it in the correct spot.

I have lots of other adventures to share: rice paddy trekking, "tree top adventure", elephant riding, snorkeling, etc. I'll try to get to those pictures one of these days. Really.

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