Monday, April 18, 2011

Favorite Neighborhood

Oops... Never got around to posting all of my pictures from my newest neighborhood discovery.

I'm back on the PC so can combine the remaining pictures into 1 post.

This is a candy store called Bon Bon. The interior looked like pictures in a magazine - beautifully designed. It included a small dining area that served desserts. I will have to go back and sample something sometime, and perhaps take pictures inside.

The scooters sort of make this look like a biker bar!

This is the Italian restaurant where we had dinner. It was quite good. This picture does not do justice to how beautiful it was. They have outdoor tables draped in beautiful, sumptuous linens with chandeliers hanging over them. We ate inside which was also lovely.

This "Just In" - ha ha, the name of the place is Just In. It is a wine and tapas bar. I looked at the menu and it was a little too gourmet for me, but it was also a lovely place.

Another lovely little store selling candles and other accessories. I love the window display and would seriously love to buy the table. (You can see it a little closer in the next picture.)

This was the street scene from outside of the candle shop. All of the greenery drew me down the street. Very atypical in Taipei. The Italian restaurant we ate at is down the street a bit on the right.

The atmosphere of the neighborhood caused me to think this van was cute. If it was on one of the grittier streets I probably would have thought it was ugly!

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Barbara said...

Thanks for the tour. I love the oldie worldie feel and like the flowers.