Friday, April 15, 2011

Mud Pie

Some months ago I posted about planting flowers. I was going to repost one of the pictures but I cannot find it. How fitting... The point of posting the picture of the flowers I planted earlier was to say that they are all gone. They didn't last long. The puppies ate them. Grrr...

We have a dog trainer now, his name is Evan. He is moderately successful. Actually I think he is amazing with the dogs. If he could just train the OWNERS then our problems would be over. So I got brave, or desperate, and bought some new flowers. Before I got them planted Evan used the potted flowers for training. By the end of the day's lesson Jade (aka main problem puppy) wouldn't go anywhere near the flowers, not for love nor money (or treats!)

I have now made 2 trips to the flower market. Many more trips will be in my future I hope. Earlier this week I bought 7 pots of impatiens to plant in our rock wall. Needing some way to anchor the plants into the rock I decided to make some old fashioned mud pie. What fun! I felt like a kid again! (And felt rather guilty that I was doing this while the kids were at school. They would have loved mixing mud pie! Next time...) I laid down a foundation of mud...
...then placed the flowers and stuffed more mud around them.

I hope it lasts, because I really love the look!
As you can see, there are still a lot of blank spaces in the wall.!

I also potted some roses, geraniums and daisy-things. I will have to take close up pictures of the roses because they are BEAUTIFUL. First I will have to locate my "real" camera.
So this is part of why I'm not writing much. Life has been catching up with me lately and I am choosing to spend my free time planting, making cards, and painting a bit at our church rather than blogging. Sorry!

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